KICS Special Characters Day, The Parade

Kent Island Christian School doesn’t really celebrate Halloween. Therefore, they designate the day as Special Characters Day. Children cannot wear monster (scary) costumes, villains, and rock stars. Historical character, good guys, and biblical characters are allowed. Last year, it used to be limited to just biblical characters.

I’m starting to use the “read more” feature for the blog since there are so many photos I want to share, especially on this one. I’ll let you decide whether you want to see the rest of the photos or not. πŸ™‚ Another benefit of using the feature is that readers can browse through and find a particular post quickly without having have to go through all the photos.

Anyway, here are the children getting ready to do the parade around the school ground.


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  1. SriMathe

    I’m still stuck using film cameras… but they are awesome too!

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Birthday: Erin+Sean, Part 2

Here’s part 2 πŸ™‚

This is where we’ll see the culmination of the magic tricks.



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  1. Christian Graham

    Absolutely awesome pictures!

  2. Leo Dj

    Thanks, Christian. That’s a big compliment coming from such a pro like yourself. πŸ™‚

  3. puspa

    Seru ya ultah di sana…
    aku belum punya plan ultah si Gandhi ato Lougek dengan pesta kebun..

    Mungkin nanti.. tapi foto kamu bisa kasih aku ide…

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Birthday: Erin+Sean, Part 1

When Mary asked me to be the photographer for Erin and Sean’s birthday last month, I was so excited. I loved taking pictures of children birthdays. I sure enjoyed capturing their happiness, laughter, and all their expressions.

Sean playing the fog machine with the boys.


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I am on the newspaper! :D

That’s right. I was featured in the October 15, 2008, Update Newspaper. The article was the feature of the week’s “It’s Your Business” section. πŸ™‚

Update is a local weekly newspaper serving Stevensville, Chester, Grasonville, Queenstown, Centreville, Wye Mills, Church Hill, and Sudlersville, all in Queen Anne’s County, Eastern Shore, Maryland.

I was interviewed the week before the print, by Sandra Zunino. The interview lasted for about an hour, but we were pretty relaxed. I even showed Sandra some sample of my albums. You will see below how well she summarized my story.

Here is the exact article copy from the newspaper. Copied with permission.


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  1. Naomi

    Waaa…. hebat… hebat…. btw, udah di page 9 tuh terakhir gw cek di google. yayyy…..

  2. Santi

    Congratulations!!!! You totally deserved it! You are a wonderful, talented and awesome photographer! πŸ™‚

  3. ayu

    Hiiii,,omm leo. ak mau dund difoto kya mba ribka n mb santy btw, photo session mahal yaa??? hehehe..



  4. LIA

    Leo,gw udh liat foto2 lo…bagus2 bow!! N gw juga baca kisah lo yang di newspaper itu…….I am proud of you!! Temen SMP gw ada yang jadi photographer di amerika…:) Sukses ya!!

  5. Iman

    Le, Congrats yah sampe bisa masuk di newspaper πŸ™‚
    Gua udah lama engga check your website, baru liat2 lagi. Bagus2 semua Le, gua salut dech.


  6. Yoseph Dwi

    Hi Leo, I’ve been referred by my wife -Siska Grandy- to look into your website. Woww.. all photos and the process of how you did are great. Your story is also inspiring and encouraging myself who start learning photography while getting bored working with computers recently πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing, and all the best for your future. Jesus bless you.


  7. Derry

    Keren Le …
    Luar biasa, udah lama juga ya nggak ketemu.
    Salam buat keluarga.

  8. Eko Rianto

    Bisa pesen photo sessi mas..? di jakarta tapinya… hehehe..:) sorry lama ngga ngikutin Le, jadi sejak kapan ‘nyemplung’ sampe beneran basah ke foto?

    Selamat.., selamat.. ngomong-ngomong Leo Dj ngga jauh-jauh amat kan ya sama Titi Dj.. πŸ˜€

    See you.

  9. Douglas LAUW

    hi leo, apa kabar? keluarga baik2 saja. impressive portfolio and beautiful website. ukat

  10. Hilda Rouse

    Hi Leo, bagus2 yah hasil karyalu, coba ada di Sydney Aus, 2 taun yl. pas kita married, gw pake deh serviceloe!

    Kapan ke Aussie? Jadi eloe tuh di Maryland? Foto2nya koq dimana-mana?

    Salut deh Leo! keep up a good work!

  11. Laura Gunawan

    k”o Leo..

    I remember, first getting your website to run, etc…and now…u already covered by the newspaper???! * AMAZING! *

    KO Leo….aku udah liat semua foto2nya …sooo nicee and crisp…i wonder how u do that…..very classy…

    Please put more slide show with music ( i love the song of ur choice anyway…very elegant)..

    Ko Leo..CONGRATS..!!! SO VERY PROUD OF U!!!!


  12. Freddie

    Congratulations, all the best for the future. πŸ™‚

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The Girl Next Door, Hannah

When my neighbor was renovating their house, one of the contractor guy brought along his dog, a female siberian husky. Her name was Hannah. She was an energetic dog yet friendly. She was very strong also. Her owner, Gary said that he always had to hold her leash really strong because she could really pull you. No wonder they were used for sled dogs. πŸ™‚

Gary, allowed me to pet her and take her pictures. Fortunately, she was not camera shy at all. Believe it or not, there were some dogs that were camera shy or most probably feel awkward having a camera “stared” at them. πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “The Girl Next Door, Hannah”

  1. Gary

    The pictures are great…especially love the last one.

  2. puspa

    Keren banget pengambilan gambarnya..
    bisa foto binatang lainnya lagi?
    maudong… tingkah kucing juga lucu deh..

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Wedding: Jeanne+Jeff, Part 2

Phew… I have been so busy these past few days. I’m a little lagging on my blog since the past few weeks I’ve been trying to catch up to the most recent events. Still, not bad at all compared to few weeks ago.

Anyway, here’s the last part of Jeanne and Jeff’s wedding. These are the images from the bride and groom private photo session and the reception.


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Wedding: Jeanne+Jeff, Part 1

Jeanne and Jeff were the first couple that were not referred by anyone. My past clients has been from referrals. They search for “Eastern Shore weddings in Maryland”, and they found me! They liked my photography style and hired me to do their wedding as soon as we talked on the phone.

The wedding was in Easton, this October. It was a casual and intimate event. I really enjoyed being there.

I want to share so many pictures, so I will break it up into two parts.


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  1. Zano

    Kapan ngundang gua ke tempatnya Obama untuk bagi-bagi elmu?
    Gua baru aja dikasih rasa tertarik sama popotretan nih..
    Salam πŸ˜‰

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Wedding: Jacqueline+Bram, Ceremony & Reception

These were the rest of the event on the wedding day, the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony was in Virginia and the reception was in Washington DC.


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  1. Makeovers On Call

    Congratulation Jacqueline and Bram!
    Wishing you love, luck, health, wealth and everlasting happiness.

    It was a pleasure to work with Leo Dj,
    He is an amazing photographer, extremely professional and detailed. I have seen many wedding pictures but these pictures are just so beautiful and modern. His artistic abilities and patience helps him capture the unique moments.

    I will refer Leo to all clients and I hope to work with him soon.

    Makeovers On Call

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Wedding: Jacqueline+Bram, Preparation

So this was during their wedding day. The big day. πŸ˜€

There are so many pictures (i.e. story) I want to share. So I’ll just post this preparation set separately than the rest.


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Wedding: Jacqueline+Bram, Bride & Groom Session

Since Jacqueline and Bram had a very full schedule during the big day, a private bride and groom photo session was not possible. So we did an agreement to do the private B&G session on a separate day, before the wedding day.

We did the session at Washington DC in the Mall area including the Smithsonians. The session was fun and relaxing. We also had Jacqueline’s sister Monique to help us. Monique helped me carry some stuff and hold reflector and flash for me. She also gave some pose ideas. Thank you so much, Monique! πŸ˜€

At the end of the session we were all tired, but we were all satisfied.


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