Wedding: Jeanne+Jeff, Part 1

Jeanne and Jeff were the first couple that were not referred by anyone. My past clients has been from referrals. They search for “Eastern Shore weddings in Maryland”, and they found me! They liked my photography style and hired me to do their wedding as soon as we talked on the phone.

The wedding was in Easton, this October. It was a casual and intimate event. I really enjoyed being there.

I want to share so many pictures, so I will break it up into two parts.

Jeanne’s father were looking at a picture of his own wedding years ago.

This was the picture he was looking at. Weren’t they a beautiful couple? They looked so happy.

The cake was delicious 😉

Purple themed flowers.

“I love you…”

The ceremony were emotional for both the bride and the groom.

Kiss from mommy, dearest. 🙂

Leo Dj

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  1. Zano

    Kapan ngundang gua ke tempatnya Obama untuk bagi-bagi elmu?
    Gua baru aja dikasih rasa tertarik sama popotretan nih..
    Salam 😉

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