A Family Reunion at Tilghman Island

One day, back in July, I got a phone call from a family in Washington DC who planned to have a birthday party and a family reunion at Tilghman Island, Eastern Shore Maryland.

They found me through Google and called me. After talking on the phone and discussed with the rest of the family, they thought that I would be the perfect photographer for the day to document the event.  They liked the fact that I have a child also and thus would be able to handle children. 🙂

Four beautiful girls…

girls posing in a meadow. Children family reunion birthday photography Tilghman Island Annapolis Kent Island Eastern Shore MD

No wait… there are six!


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Engagement: Megan+Kyle

Megan and Kyle’s pre-wedding photography session was back in June.  We originally had scheduled it for 3 p.m. However, we later realized that it was almost summer and the sun would still be high and thus would not be an ideal lighting.  Not to mention it would be hot. 🙁

It was also forecasted to have some scattered shower. However, Megan and Kyle insisted that we do the session as scheduled. If it rained, they already had few indoor locations as backups. I prayed that it would not rain, since there were so many interesting places outdoor at Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Fortunately, it did not rain that day. We felt so blessed. 🙂

We started from King Street, by the Metro station, and walked all the way to the harbor. Lucky for me, they had already spent about 2 hours the day before, picking out spots that had interesting backgrounds or settings. They even had wrote down a list in case they forgot where else to go. 🙂 It sure made the session easier for me, we didn’t have to waste time finding locations.  I also made few suggestions if I saw interesting spots along the way.


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Cass Scenic Railroad Trip

My family and few friends went to Cass for a weekend getaway on early June. It was a 4.5 hours scenic railroad trip on the mountains of West Virginia. We were told about this trip by our friend Ray.

railroad crossing warning sign, train crossing, blowing smoke, cass, west virginia, photography


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  1. Naomi

    Cheer for our maskot, the sleeping budha ^_^ Nice pics Le!!!

  2. Yen

    Awesome pics~! You guys really got us when we are sleeping, huh??!!! >.< very naughty!!! Definitely brings back memories. 🙂 You capture all of them really well!! Great job, Le!

  3. karen

    Well Done Leeeooo!!
    Thanks for capturing the good time we had there.

  4. Pat

    Hahahahaha….yess, really good time, especially watching you guys sleep. And the small mice. Can you believe that it was precisely ONE month ago today that we drove up there, nearly vomitted due to the long small winding road?? Thanks for the treat, Ray, we would’ve not known anything about West Virginia if we hadn’t gone there. Cheers, Old Lad.

  5. Marcell

    i love trains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Surjadi

    My, my, my … that’s an adventure-packed week-end.
    Not to say ’bout the breath-taking and wonderful scenery … and all the yummy-yummy dishes.

    A week-end to remember by all …
    A week-end that strengthen all …
    A week-end embedded with one of Life’s Lessons – that the road to the summit is always unpaved, rough but always full with surprises … hardships to be faced, obstacles to overcome, daunting, tiresome … intermingled with fulfillment and enlightenment.
    And at last … the sweet taste of victory.

    My heartfelt thanks to the be-spectacled Promoter with his white beard and big tummy for having arranged a gifted week-end blessed by Heaven.
    Thank U Ray.
    And not to forget to the photographer, also thank U for his ‘story in pictures’ … may Heaven blessed you all.
    I really envy you all for having a wonderful, meaningful week-end.

  7. N.C.Soe

    People used to say … a picture holds and tells so many stories
    And I’ve found it again in all what you have captured.
    Only they, with warm affection and a desire so intense, plus a mountain of patience to wait for the right moment to press the shutter are able to do it.

    And afterward …
    spend his/her time till the breaking of dawn in the work after to make the picture alive and become a treasure to cherish.

    My congratulations to you.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Tammy Scott

    Thank you for sharing your experience of Cass Scenic Railroad.

    I am planning a trip there this summer with my sons…just as my father did his children when we were small.

    I don’t remember alot about the trip but do recall we ’bout froze to death….lol, so I’m preparing for this trip.

    I live in Southern West Virginia and I’m excited to go back to Cass even more so after seeing your story.

  9. Leo Dj

    Thank you, everyone 🙂

    Tammy: I’m glad that my story helped. 🙂
    How did you found my blog, btw?

  10. carolyn

    THANK YOU for sharing your photos on line.
    I went to Cass West Va as a child Maybe 5 or 6 and I had vivid memories of the place. I have always wanted to take my children there. They are grwon and gone and I happened to key word “cass West VA, & your photo’s came up. SO I can now share your memories with them and hope that I can one day go back to ride the trian, before I die!

    thank you and I hope you have many long memories of the ride and the view!

  11. Tina Bradley

    My grandfather and grandma on my moms side were raised in Cass. most of my family ran the train for many many years, and ran the store. I’ve lost touch with most of them but still have the greatest memories of my life from those years and being on that train! Big props to the Cassell’s for taking such good care of it for so many years and to those to take care of it now!

  12. Antoon

    Great pictures, what fun it must have been! My wife and I are planning to ride the Cass r.r. again after an earlier trek to W.V. back in 1982.

    Zion, Illinois, 07/23/11

  13. Leo Dj

    Thank you. 🙂
    Whoa, that is a very long time ago. Probably things have change since your last visit. 🙂

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Engagement: Brianne+Jeremy

Brianne and Jeremy’s pre-wedding session was back in May. They wanted to do the session at Annapolis and Eastport.

They’re both great places for urban style scenery. You’ll always find houses and buildings with interesting colors. Probably it’s a popular place for wedding and engagement photography because we met another wedding photographer there shooting a pre-wedding as well. What are the odds? 🙂

Anyway, we started late in the afternoon, but it was still pretty hot. Well it was getting close to summer. 🙂

engagement pre-wedding photo session annapolis eastern shore maryland photographers


7 Responses to “Engagement: Brianne+Jeremy”

  1. innY

    fab pics!!!

  2. Brianne

    Leo – the photos look fabulous ! Im so excitied to meet again and pick out photos for the engagement album! I scrolled thru your other journal entries and all of your photos are so beautiful – i cant wait for our wedding photos !

  3. Lacy

    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say
    that I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. Grack


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Event: Uplift a Child International

My Wife works with a Supervisor who is also the Founder of a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to support the children in India, specifically for school tuitions, stationeries and uniforms.  He and his Team named the organization – Uplift a Child International.

Once a year, the organization conducts a gathering, which invites the people who sponsors the children, to give updates and to share information about the progress of the children. This year, one of the gatherings was held in Silver Spring, Maryland.


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Wedding: Naomi+Dhimas, Part 2

Here’s the second part of Naomi and Dhimas’ wedding, the reception, which is usually the fun part 🙂

As usual, the family members, groom party, and bridal party line up to get introduced to the guests. Here’s Nindya, Dhimas’ niece, in her Balinese dance costume, waiting for her turn to enter the ballroom.


2 Responses to “Wedding: Naomi+Dhimas, Part 2”

  1. Ira cantik

    I’ve never seen Sarah laugh that hard either:) These beautiful pictures will be a long lasting memory keepsake, not only for the bride and groom but also for all their guests.

    BRAVO, LEO!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Teresita

    Really great pictures…..they tell all wonderful stories about this wonderful moment….

    Congratulations Naomi and Dimas 🙂

    Greetings from Jakarta….

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Wedding: Naomi+Dhimas, Part 1

After the engagement session in December, finally the beautiful wedding of Naomi and Dhimas was celebrated in May.

It was supposed to shower that afternoon. We all pray hard that it would not rain. Guess what? God listened to our prayer. We all felt so blessed that day. 🙂


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Event: UCVFD – Fireman’s Fund Heritage

Back in mid April I got a call from San Fransisco (I recognized the area code).  Apparently, it was from the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (FFIC).  They said that they liked my photography style.  They wanted to hire me to cover a grant-receiving event for the United Communities Volunteer Fire Department (UCVFD) at Romancoke.  I was the first photographer on their list, so they really hoped that I could do it.  I was excited and told them that it would be an honor for me to cover the event.

The grant was from Papa John’s Pizza, recommended by Glenn Jones, Vice President of Operations, also a Kent Island native. The fund will be used for audio visual equipment in a new station training center and classroom.

bell, fire truck in front of the united communities volunteer fire department building


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Family: Marcell + Pat at Romancoke Pier

I was commissioned by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company to cover a grant acceptance event at United Communities Volunteer Fire Department. After scouting the location for the event on the next day, we decided to check out the pier at Romancoke, Kent Island, since it was just down the street from the firehouse. It was such a beautiful but rather windy afternoon. Lots of people were fishing there. The water is quite deep but not quite transparent.


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Marcell’s Birthday

Finally, I got a chance to breath and catch up with my blog again.  Phew… :p

Marcell’s birthday was in March. BTW, see any similarities between his name and the month? That’s exactly why we picked the name Marcellus. The name itself means “little warrior”, which we realized later that it actually fits his character well.

Anyway, the party was bigger than last year because this time Marcell had his school friends as well. He actually wanted to invite everyone from school! But we told him we couldn’t have everyone, since our house is small, and also due to budget constraint of course. Yup, it’s never to early to teach ’em some money management. 🙂 So we settled with inviting friends from his grade and their siblings.

We rented a moonbounce so that the kids could have self-entertained fun. We got it from the same place as last year, Tents 4 Rent, but since there were more kids, we opted for a larger one plus that it has more added features i.e. slide and and basketball ring.

Birthday cake… custom made by Icing for Joy.


2 Responses to “Marcell’s Birthday”

  1. Marcell

    Hi everybody, Thanks for the presents,And thanks for george who came first

  2. Ganet

    Dear Marcell,

    Just want to greet you “HAPPY BELATED BIRTDAY” … from miles away.

    Semoga Marcell tumbuh besar, jadi anak lelaki yang pemberani, penuh kasih, beriman teguh dan hormat serta sayang pada Dan & Mom.

    Hope to see you soon …


    Uncle Gee

    NB: at the moment, that’s the best present that I can send you … a prayer, deep from my heart.

    Ley & Pat .. congrats … you have a great kid. GBU.

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