Engagement: Megan+Kyle

Megan and Kyle’s pre-wedding photography session was back in June.  We originally had scheduled it for 3 p.m. However, we later realized that it was almost summer and the sun would still be high and thus would not be an ideal lighting.  Not to mention it would be hot. 🙁

It was also forecasted to have some scattered shower. However, Megan and Kyle insisted that we do the session as scheduled. If it rained, they already had few indoor locations as backups. I prayed that it would not rain, since there were so many interesting places outdoor at Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Fortunately, it did not rain that day. We felt so blessed. 🙂

We started from King Street, by the Metro station, and walked all the way to the harbor. Lucky for me, they had already spent about 2 hours the day before, picking out spots that had interesting backgrounds or settings. They even had wrote down a list in case they forgot where else to go. 🙂 It sure made the session easier for me, we didn’t have to waste time finding locations.  I also made few suggestions if I saw interesting spots along the way.

engagement session alexandria virginia arlington county engagement ring photo session alexandria virginia arlington county washington dc metro area

I’m happy that we like the same kind of backgrounds like red doors (or other colored doors) and brightly colored walls.

Megan and Kyle didn’t need much direction from me. All I had to do most of the time was telling them to stand or sit there, and they did the rest. 😀

pre wedding prewedding photography session alexandria virginia arlington county

There were a lot of onlookers, but it didn’t bother the couple. They just enjoyed their moment together.

candid engagement photography session alexandria virginia arlington county

By the harbor, there was this street musician. I asked Megan and Kyle whether they would dance to the music while I took picture. Without any hesitant they said, “Sure!” Don’t you just love them? 😀

A ferry (or a tour boat?) departed and became the background. Couldn’t ask for a better moment. 🙂

engagement photographers pre wedding session old town alexandria virginia arlington county

Now here’s the fun part. Not that the previous ones weren’t fun. But anyway… Take a look… 🙂

couple eating ice cream old town alexandria photojournalistic photographer

And they couldn’t resist not doing goofy faces. 😀

They treated me with oyster and ice cream. No I didn’t eat them at the same time. :p We had oyster at about halfway thru the session. Then the ice cream was during the last part of the photo session.

Thanks guys. I just had so much fun taking your images. Thank you also for the treats! 🙂

Congratulations on your engagement. 🙂

Leo Dj

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