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Portrait: Melissa

Melissa loves animals and decided to dedicate her future career in caring for animals. In fact, she just graduated from vet assistant school in college and will be continuing her study for vet technician school. Way to go, Melissa! 🙂 Melissa had originally wanted to do High School senior photo session a few years ago. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Portrait: Lindsay [Black & White]

I met Lindsay through my good photographer friend Sabawa. I meant to do a high school senior photo session of Lindsay, but it was too late. She just graduated. Fortunately, she still wanted to do the session anyway. 🙂 The photos in this set are all in black and white, because it seems to fit… Read more »

Portrait: Brittany

Brittany is Sierra’s oldest sister. If you haven’t seen Sierra’s high school senior portrait session, check it out! Brittany is the lead singer and the keyboardist/pianist of the cool contemporary Christian music band, Beyond the Veil. Check out their Facebook page, then show your love and Like the page. 🙂 This session was done together… Read more »

Workshop with Cliff Mautner

For you who don’t know, Cliff Mautner is a highly regarded photographer and educator. He was named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American PHOTO magazine. However, the main reason that I took his 3-day workshop was because he was able to create beautiful photos even during the the most… Read more »

Mindy + Lemon

Here is Mindy and her horse pet, Lemon. 🙂 Mindy and I have been wanting to do a photo session for over a year (I think), but never got a chance until just recently. Thank goodness for the great weather for that day on autumn. Not to mention I just love the foliage colors in… Read more »

Workshop with Don Giannatti

I actually found Don Giannatti’s workshop site by accident. I was trying to find a certain lighting technique and was pointed to his site by Google.  I read about his workshop and became interested.  I had been to few lighting workshops/seminars but Don’s was more in-depth, two-days, and priced reasonably. Not to mention that there… Read more »

Workshop with Susan Stripling

I had always been interested in taking Susan Stripling’s seminar/workshop, but got a bit discouraged by the need to travel to Florida where she usually does her workshop. Lucky me, I just became friends with another photographer, Stacy Richardson on Facebook. A few days later, she announced that Susan Stripling was having a workshop in… Read more »

Lighting Workshop with Neil van Niekerk

I had been using Neil van Niekerk’s lighting style for a while. I learned from his blog and postings at forums. However, I felt that I’m still missing few things and did understand few things he explained online. I then decided that I need to get a hands on training from Neil and planned to… Read more »

Workshop with Glamour Fashion Model

I always try to learn new photography skills in lighting, shooting style, composition, photo editing, etc. (you name it). I am also usually fascinated by other people’s work whether they’re pro or even newbie. I often analyze the technical and non-technical aspects if I find an eye-catching image. One professional photographer whose work I had… Read more »