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Dr. Philbin and Staff

I took my son to his orthodontist in late October. When I came in to the office, boy, was I in for a surprise! 😀 It was almost Halloween and everyone in the office, including the two orthodontists, were wearing 80’s themed outfit. October 31st fell on a weekend, and the office would not be… Read more »

Lighting Workshop with Neil van Niekerk

I had been using Neil van Niekerk’s lighting style for a while. I learned from his blog and postings at forums. However, I felt that I’m still missing few things and did understand few things he explained online. I then decided that I need to get a hands on training from Neil and planned to… Read more »

Family Session: Shane Family

I did another family session at Kent Island last summer, or end of summer. No little children this time. All of them are already grown up. 🙂 It was also a family reunion, celebrating Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary. The photo session was actually a gift from the children to their parents. The Shane family… Read more »

Workshop with Glamour Fashion Model

I always try to learn new photography skills in lighting, shooting style, composition, photo editing, etc. (you name it). I am also usually fascinated by other people’s work whether they’re pro or even newbie. I often analyze the technical and non-technical aspects if I find an eye-catching image. One professional photographer whose work I had… Read more »

A Family Reunion at Tilghman Island

One day, back in July, I got a phone call from a family in Washington DC who planned to have a birthday party and a family reunion at Tilghman Island, Eastern Shore Maryland. They found me through Google and called me. After talking on the phone and discussed with the rest of the family, they… Read more »

Family: Marcell + Pat at Romancoke Pier

I was commissioned by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company to cover a grant acceptance event at United Communities Volunteer Fire Department. After scouting the location for the event on the next day, we decided to check out the pier at Romancoke, Kent Island, since it was just down the street from the firehouse. It was… Read more »

Family Portrait: Dan, Steph, Maura, and Sydney

The family portrait session was on November 1st in Kent Island, Maryland. We were so lucky (i.e. blessed) that it was warm on that day, because just a few days before, it was pretty cold. Steph asked me whether their clothes should be color coordinated. I said that it’s not necessary, but would be better… Read more »