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Family: Norris Family

I get a sudden last minute influx of clients wanting to do all kinds of photo sessions for this September and October for wedding, engagement, children, commercial, and family. I’ve been so overwhelmed, but it’s all good of course. 🙂 Anyway, here’s a candid family session of the Norris family at Eastern Shore, Maryland, Kent… Read more »

Family and Maternity: Riggins Family

The Riggins family would be the first family in my neighborhood or even my community that asked me to have their family portrait done professionally. They’re also the first family to ask me to do a maternity session. I’m happy and honored that they trusted me to do this. So here are some of my… Read more »

Children: Helena + Vivian

I got a last minute call from a family whom I photographed the past summer (same year). They wanted me to do another session on Tilghman Island, but just the children this time.  They wanted the pictures for Christmas. Unfortunately, they could only do it on the same day where I already had two sessions!… Read more »

The Dudley and Pirhalla Family

I knew Renee way back when we used to work for one company. We had lost contact until about a year ago we met again through Facebook. Thank you Facebook! 😀 Renee saw my photography work and became interested in having her family and her brother’s family photographed for Christmas cards and for themselves. She… Read more »

A Family Reunion at Tilghman Island

One day, back in July, I got a phone call from a family in Washington DC who planned to have a birthday party and a family reunion at Tilghman Island, Eastern Shore Maryland. They found me through Google and called me. After talking on the phone and discussed with the rest of the family, they… Read more »

Family: Marcell + Pat at Romancoke Pier

I was commissioned by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company to cover a grant acceptance event at United Communities Volunteer Fire Department. After scouting the location for the event on the next day, we decided to check out the pier at Romancoke, Kent Island, since it was just down the street from the firehouse. It was… Read more »

Marcell’s Birthday

Finally, I got a chance to breath and catch up with my blog again.  Phew… :p Marcell’s birthday was in March. BTW, see any similarities between his name and the month? That’s exactly why we picked the name Marcellus. The name itself means “little warrior”, which we realized later that it actually fits his character… Read more »

Snow Day on Kent Island

The winter has been mostly warm during the beginning of the season until finally it snowed one day in January. The snow wasn’t high, but schools including Queen Anne’s County decided to close anyway.  Marcell joined Camden for sledding at the K-Mart Stevensville Park and Ride. There were slopes surrounding the parking lot. The place… Read more »