Monthly Archives: October 2008

Wedding: Jeanne+Jeff, Part 1

Jeanne and Jeff were the first couple that were not referred by anyone. My past clients has been from referrals. They search for “Eastern Shore weddings in Maryland”, and they found me! They liked my photography style and hired me to do their wedding as soon as we talked on the phone. The wedding was… Read more »

Wedding: Jacqueline+Bram, Bride & Groom Session

Since Jacqueline and Bram had a very full schedule during the big day, a private bride and groom photo session was not possible. So we did an agreement to do the private B&G session on a separate day, before the wedding day. We did the session at Washington DC in the Mall area including the… Read more »

Pre-Wedding: Jacqueline+Bram

Last summer, I did pre-wedding session with Jacqueline and Bram. It was actually pretty hot that day. Not to mention it was around noon. But in general we enjoyed the session. Jacqueline and Bram were a nice couple also. They were very cooperative. I did like working with them. They also sometimes gave me pose… Read more »

KIVFD Carnival

It was actually the first time we went to the carnival. The carnival is held every summer hosted by the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department. If it was not for promoting our school, KICS, we probably wouldn’t go there. 😀 No, wait, I take that back. We did plan to go to the carnival, but… Read more »

Portrait: Santi

The other perspective side of the same session. 😀 This is Santi, Ribka’s friend. Of course it was also taken at Annapolis harbor and downtown. As you can see, Santi has no problem posing for the camera. In fact, she enjoys posing for the camera. She actually helped me give pose ideas for both her… Read more »

Portrait: Ribka

We had known Ribka for a long time through our church community. She had asked me to do her portait about a couple years ago, but we always had schedule conflicts. Not to mention that I was in the transition from film to digital. I wanted to photograph her in digital format, so that I… Read more »

Kent Island Cross Island Trail

One morning in June, I decided to take Marcell to the Cross Island Trail, which is in Kent Island. A lot of people run, walk, or ride a bike there. It was actually my first time there. Yeah, I know. Shame on me, right? 😛 Well I had meant to do it since… well, a… Read more »