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High School Senior: Christie

Christie is a gentle and kind young lady.  She is also very active and involved in a lot of activities.  She is a member of the National Honor Society since her sophomore year, and has been a member of the SGA for all four years at Queen Anne’s County High School.  Throughout her time there,… Read more »

High School Senior: Kayla

Kayla is a sweet and friendly girl that comes from a big family. She loves to spend time with her siblings, and she is the oldest of six of them! Kayla is now attending Queens Anne’s County High school and is an active student there including being a Varsity Cheerleader. She is also a bright… Read more »

High School Senior: Alana

Alana loved riding horses and a lot of things that has to do with horses.  Unfortunately, it was expensive to keep and take care a horse. However, these obstacles didn’t stop Alana from her wish to ride horses. There was always an option to rent a horse and get riding lessons from the owner of… Read more »

Portrait: Lindsay [Black & White]

I met Lindsay through my good photographer friend Sabawa. I meant to do a high school senior photo session of Lindsay, but it was too late. She just graduated. Fortunately, she still wanted to do the session anyway. 🙂 The photos in this set are all in black and white, because it seems to fit… Read more »

High School Senior: Tyler

I met Tyler through his Dad, Todd. I knew Todd because his company was the one who fixed the drainage problem on my yard. They did a really good job and just in time to test it out with Hurricane Sandy! Check out their Web site here: When I met Tyler the first time,… Read more »

High School Senior: Sierra

Sierra is a beautiful person inside and out. Not only she is kindhearted and friendly, but she always seems to be happy all the time. 🙂 She is one of the three girls from Beyond the Veil, a contemporary Christian music band. Check out Beyond the Veil’s website where it has link to some samples… Read more »

High School Senior: Kelly

Kelly was a senior from Kent Island High School. She loved to play volleyball and even supported the school’s volleyball team. Kelly also loved almost anything that had to do with water sports like swimming, boating, tubing, and crabbing… oh wait… Well anyway, Kelly wanted to do the senior photo session months ago. Unfortunately, it… Read more »

Mindy + Lemon

Here is Mindy and her horse pet, Lemon. 🙂 Mindy and I have been wanting to do a photo session for over a year (I think), but never got a chance until just recently. Thank goodness for the great weather for that day on autumn. Not to mention I just love the foliage colors in… Read more »