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Leesburg Virginia Engagement Photo Session: Lynsey + Brad

Brad and Lynsey met through family friends and became best friends. During the years Brad asked her out frequently, but Lynsey would always turned him down so as not to ruin their friendship. He oftentimes would say “I just know we are supposed to be together”. Crazy as it might have sounded, turned out that… Read more »

Annapolis Maryland Engagement Photo Session: Jenna + Lee

Jenna first met Lee in March 2012 at Blackfinn, Bethesda, during a night out with their respective group of friends. A little introductory talk led to hanging out with both groups, and though they parted ways that night, Lee had her number. He called Jenna over the week, but being the technologically-challenged lady she is,… Read more »

Quiet Waters Park Engagement Photo Session: Lindsey + John

Lindsey’s first encounters with John in middle school didn’t go that well ever since he professed his undying love for her in 7th grade science class, while she wanted nothing to do with him. Since their last names were in alphabetical order, they were often assigned seats together and even had lockers next to each other, so… Read more »

Annapolis Maryland Engagement Photo Session: Nita + Leo

Nita first heard of Leo from her roommate. Though they didn’t meet until summer of 2009, they sort of knew one another since both were Indonesians and shared the same mutual friends. Nita used to go to a small Christian school in central VA for college, while Leo went to Virginia Tech. Whenever he drove from DC to VTech, he… Read more »

Annapolis Maryland Engagement Photo Session: Aimee + Brian

Aimee and Brian met about two and a half years ago in Bowie, Maryland over dinner and milkshakes. Brian must have made an impression on her, because after only two dates, Aimee took a chance and flew all the way to Seattle to visit Brian during a lengthy work trip. A weekend adventure filled with… Read more »

Gettysburg Engagement Photo Session: Ilana + Andrew

It was the morning of the February Snowmageddon when Andrew and Ilana met for the first time at Towson University through their common friends. He was showing off his guitar skills through the popular video game, “Rock Band”. With a ton of back and forth flirtation throughout the coming weeks, and pushes and nudges from… Read more »

St Michaels Maryland Engagement Photo Session: Karen + Ross

Karen and Ross’ first encounter was rather by accident and quite unique. Ross was supposed to go on a date with someone else at the Green Turtle in Olney, MD., whereas Karen was going to meet some friends she had not seen in a while. Not knowing that they would wind up at the same table together,… Read more »

Easton Maryland Engagement Photo Session: Megan + Phil

Phil and Megan first met when they were playing kickball for a team in Easton. She had just moved back from Bethesda on what she thought would be temporarily, and her friend signed her up for the team she was on. Phil’s friend signed him up too, which, in Megan’s own words, “We’re certainly glad they did!”. They… Read more »