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Baltimore Engagement Photo Session: Becca + Seth

Their first date was one of the hottest days of the year. The air conditioning in Seth’s car had just broken, and Becca was sitting at the wrong restaurant … all while the Derecho of 2012 hit Baltimore. Driving through hurricane-force winds, Becca eventually found the right restaurant. It seemed like an ill-fated start. But… Read more »

Annapolis Engagement Photo Session: Shannon + Matt

Matt and Shannon first met as colleagues in the work place.  Although they had always been friendly, it was only after Shannon left the company for a new position that a romantic relationship bloomed. Matt asked Shannon out to dinner; Shannon accepted elatedly. Thereafter, they quickly and effortlessly fell for one another and had been… Read more »

Chestertown Engagement Photo Session: Laura + Kevin

Kevin and Laura met at the bar where Kevin was working, Second Chance Saloon, in September of 2009.  Laura and her best friend were sitting at the bar and Kevin happened to be bartending. Kevin made it known that he was interested in Laura. Then after they were done that night, Laura’s best friend convinced… Read more »

Oxford Maryland Engagement Session: Mike + Kirstin

Mike and Kirstin met in middle school and became close friends while working on middle school science projects together. That relationship continued throughout high school and college. They stayed in touch through weekly phone calls and visiting one another. After college they both had feelings for one another and started to date a year after… Read more »

Renaissance Cosplay Engagemet Session: Heather + Mauno

Heather and Mauno met in a production of Bye Bye Birdie at the Greenbelt Arts Center when Heather was a freshman in high school and Mauno was still in 8th grade.  It was kind of funny because neither of them was originally cast in the production. Mauno was brought in by his sister because they… Read more »