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High School Senior: Kelly

Kelly was a senior from Kent Island High School. She loved to play volleyball and even supported the school’s volleyball team. Kelly also loved almost anything that had to do with water sports like swimming, boating, tubing, and crabbing… oh wait… Well anyway, Kelly wanted to do the senior photo session months ago. Unfortunately, it… Read more »

Mindy + Lemon

Here is Mindy and her horse pet, Lemon. 🙂 Mindy and I have been wanting to do a photo session for over a year (I think), but never got a chance until just recently. Thank goodness for the great weather for that day on autumn. Not to mention I just love the foliage colors in… Read more »

Workshop with Glamour Fashion Model

I always try to learn new photography skills in lighting, shooting style, composition, photo editing, etc. (you name it). I am also usually fascinated by other people’s work whether they’re pro or even newbie. I often analyze the technical and non-technical aspects if I find an eye-catching image. One professional photographer whose work I had… Read more »