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Lazy Squirrel

When I went to the kitchen this past June, I found a squirrel just laying there by a flower bed in my backyard. So cute that I couldn’t resist and get my camera to capture it. It was enjoying the warm sun, and sometimes shut it’s eyes, napping.

Soft launch

This blog is hosted on my first website. My own, first Website. Kind of exciting! 😀 I struggled last night (or rather morning) until 4 a.m. posting gallery and creating the homepage for my site. I had to finish it by today (actually yesterday, since it’s already past midnight now) because I had to do… Read more »

My first blog ever!

Yup. The titles says it all. Actually, I’m not much of a talker or writer. I enjoy taking pictures more than doing this. But I want to connect with my friends and clients (which are my friends too :D). So… here it is. You know, actually this feels great. I can say whatever I want…. Read more »