My first blog ever!

Yup. The titles says it all. Actually, I’m not much of a talker or writer. I enjoy taking pictures more than doing this. But I want to connect with my friends and clients (which are my friends too :D). So… here it is.

You know, actually this feels great. I can say whatever I want. Well.. it’s my blog and my own site… Right? 😀

Leo Dj.

2 Responses to “My first blog ever!”

  1. Teresita Poespowardojo

    LEO! Congratulations!
    they’re great pictures! really!
    Kapan motret eke sama suami and anak? 🙂 hihihihihi

  2. The Wanderer

    Eulogy to Nature

    Each time …
    Looking out of the window
    No matter
    What time of the day
    What time of the season
    I see Life.

    Life …
    In all Her glory
    Come sun shine
    Come rainy days
    Come the soft falling snow

    As presented by Nature
    And as meant by the Creator.

    So Alive.
    So Honest.
    So Pure.
    So True.

    Hence …
    It is so beautiful
    and always will be.
    As it has nothing to hide
    and has no pretenses.

    If only…
    As the highest Artwork of the Creator,
    Can only be,
    Like Nature presented us to see,
    How wonderful This Life would be.


    Deeming myself lucky to come accross this site
    I remember what ever I wrote years before.
    Flipping through the beginning to the end,
    represented what Nature let me see …
    Alive, Honest, Pure and True.

    For the Web Designer, the Picture Taker,
    the Post Card Designer, the People taken …
    if there’s only a word in our vocabulary or dictionary,
    harboring one’s thankfulness … but for the time being,
    I can only say to all of you … Thanks a Lot.

    I can only wish you all good luck,
    May Nature and it’s Creator message be your guide.
    bless you with all what is good according to Him to all of you.

    Along is a quote of which I hope be remembered___

    A road in the eyes is a road but it is not The Road.
    A road in the heart, is not a road.
    However, It Is The Road.
    A road in your eyes would usually lead you astray.
    But your heart is true and it can never cheat you.
    Therefore for a lot of the time,
    We all need to see with The Heart, to Feel the Real Road.”

    Is it not always said, that ___
    “A picture is worth a thousand times”?

    Good luck to you guys.