Event: After the Holidays Gala – 2nd

This is my second year covering the “After the Holidays Gala” event hosted by The Tapestry Church. I guess they liked the results from the first one and liked working with me so that they hired me again for this year. As always, it was a lot of fun covering their annual event.

This fund raising event was held at Rockville this year. The venue was smaller than last year, but it did not hold back the guests to have fun. 🙂

Pastor Dustin explaining the purpose of the event.

pastor Dustin with balloons background

Clearing out the balloons from the dance floor.

girl clearing balloons from dance floor

Balloons… balloons everywhere…

balloons on dance floor

Patrick doing human beatbox…

event MC

No just kidding..  🙂 He’s actually the MC.

event poster lighted with candles female guest laughing dancing

Some of the girls at the gala …

event party female guests group shot

You better watch me how I do it! Watch my steps… don’t get ahead of me!

teaching how to dance salsa gala event party guest couple dancing

Yummy mini cupcakes :p

gala event party cupcakes

Check out my bling. 🙂

girls at party looking at jewelery couples at gala event party

Say whaatt???

guy dancing laughing at party

Having too much fun here. 😀

guy and girl dancing laughing at gala event party girl laughing lady dancing and laughing at gala event party

The DJ at the event. I admire DJs that still use turntable and vinyls instead of CDs or even a harddrive. 🙂

turntable dj mixing at gala event party

The DJ scratching the vinyl.

dj spinning vinyl at gala event party

Sombrero girls. 😀

Spilled drink must be cleaned.

No picture please!

girl dancing clapping hand at gala event party girls clapping hand dancing at party

Thank you for having me to cover the event again. It was fun fun fun… 🙂

Leo Dj

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