Kent Island Cross Island Trail

One morning in June, I decided to take Marcell to the Cross Island Trail, which is in Kent Island. A lot of people run, walk, or ride a bike there. It was actually my first time there. Yeah, I know. Shame on me, right? 😛 Well I had meant to do it since… well, a few years ago… but never got a chance to do it. In other words, never really put effort into making a plan to do it. 😛

It was a spur of the moment decision, but we’re glad we went there. We saw beautiful or strange-looking wild flowers, plants and trees. We heard the birds singing. We even enjoyed the warm sun rays squeezing its way through the tree leaves and branches on that slightly chilly morning.

Marcell loved the trail, so we went back on the weekend with my wife. However, we started at the other end. We brought Marcell’s bike that time, so he could ride it. He was still learning to use a bike a that time and had the training wheels.

After several weeks, Marcell finally could ride the bike without the training wheels. Good thing we bought those pads and helmet. He fell so many times at first. 🙂

Leo Dj

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