Event: After The Holidays Gala

My blog has finally come to full circle. Well, sort of. Meaning that this won’t be last post of course. 🙂
The first post on this blog started just after I covered this gala event. Now I’m posting about the coverage for the event, 1st Annual After the Holidays Gala, hosted by The Tapestry Church.

The gala was held at the Cross Creek Golf Club in Beltsville, Maryland, a pretty nice venue. The intention for the gala was to raise fund for building churches in Mexico, Kenya, and Nepal. So they had several different programs for fund raising. At the end, the guests were invited to dance. It was an entertaining session for sure! We get to see the dance “experts” do their moves. 🙂 I also like the song selections from the DJ. In fact, they “imported” the DJ from California. Way to go! Well actually, the DJ happened to be visiting the DC area. 😀

The event coordinator wanted me to take pictures of each incoming guests. So I setup a small studio in a corner with lighting and background for formal portraits session. I also had to cover candids (photojournalistic style) as the event unfold. My favorite coverage is actually during the dance session. I sure had fun! 😀

Leo Dj

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