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HIA Governor Calvert House Wedding: Laura + Jason

Jason and Laura met on May 15, 2010 when they were celebrating the birthdays of mutual friends in Dewey Beach, DE. With both being lacrosse players, Ravens fans, country music lovers, and drivers of silver Honda Accords, they had an immediate connection! The very next weekend, Jason came to Wilmington, DE where Laura was living… Read more »

Grand Historic Venue Wedding: Ann + Jonathan

Ann and Jonathan met each other while they were both studying at the University of Maryland. As their love and bond grew stronger, Jonathan finally proposed to Ann on spring of 2013 at the National Arboretum in Washington DC.  Ann and Jonathan picked out the ring together, so Ann knew that he was going to… Read more »

Tidewater Inn Wedding: Erin + Dan

I sure had fun doing Erin and Dan’s engagement session in Washington DC, but what got me more excited was knowing that I would be photographing their wedding! On top of that, I was also excited knowing that their wedding would be at The Tidewater Inn, the historic and elegant venue in Easton, Maryland! So why… Read more »

HIA Governor Calvert House Wedding: Jen + Ryan

Jen and Ryan first met in High School in South Jersey. He was a senior and she was a sophomore, but they sat next to each other in French class. A few years later, they met again through friends of friends and hit it off. They made long distance relationship work despite her being in… Read more »

Marriott Washingtonian Center Wedding: Kara + Connor

Connor and Kara met when they were still freshmen in high school. Kara had a crush on one of Connor’s best friends. Connor said that he would help Kara to get to know his friend. During that time, Connor and Kara would talk every day, getting to know each other. All the while, Connor knew… Read more »

Aspen Wye River Conference Centers Wedding: Tara + Rob

While it was fun to do Tara and Rob’s engagement photography session at Georgetown, Washington DC, I also had fun photographing their wedding at the gorgeous Eastern Shore Maryland waterfront venue, Aspen Wye River Conference Centers. One of the interesting thing about their wedding were the theme they picked! The decorations, the Bride’s wedding dress,… Read more »

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Wedding: Sarah + Brian

Sarah and Brian first met in their senior year of high school back in 2004 through a mutual friend on Valentine’s Day. A month later they officially became a couple and had been together ever since. Few years later, just a few days before Christmas 2011, Brian surprised Sarah with the proposal. One night, Sarah… Read more »

Maryland Science Center Wedding: Heather + Mauno

After I photographed Heather and Mauno’s Renaissance cosplay engagement photo session, I had always wondered how their wedding would look like.  Finally, after few months later, I got the answer. 🙂 Their wedding was so unique that it’s like nothing I had ever seen before anywhere, ever! It was a combination of Renaissance, traditional classic… Read more »

2941 Restaurant Wedding Reception: Jenn + Roger

After the ceremony, comes the reception! If you haven’t seen the previous set, go ahead and check out Jenn and Roger’s wedding ceremony photos at the 2941 Restaurant. You will see few emotional moments in this set as well. Get some tissues. 🙂

2941 Restaurant Wedding Ceremony: Jenn + Roger

After the awesome engagement photo session at New York City, I was really excited to finally be able to photograph Jenn and Roger’s wedding at the 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia. It rained on and off that day, so the ceremony had to be inside. We were lucky that at times the rain stopped… Read more »