KICS Fall Fest Night

Here are the images from the evening party.

Little yoda! 😀

Doing some handcraft activities.

The sumo guy. 😀

The face painter artist. 🙂

Our newest kindergarten student showing off her excellent work. I think she is a bit to old for kindergarten. She should be in the first grade! 😀

The face painter had a lot of clients. 🙂

Some proof of her work.

I guess the sumo wrestler needed a new outfit. He lost some weight. 🙂

What a great costume! 😀

The children showing off their costumes to be judged for the contest.

One of the costume contest winner. 🙂

Passing the “ball” game. Whoever got the ball when the music stopped, would be out of the game.

The last two survivors. Marcell, wasn’t the winner, though.

That’s it folks. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Leo Dj

One Response to “KICS Fall Fest Night”

  1. puspa

    anak-anak memang tidak henti mengalir inspirasi untuk difoto…

    So cool…